IFEL Back Then



When I was there, there was a duplexed 3 story brownstone building on the southeast corner of Temple and Wall. The orderly room and a small BX were on the ground floor of 327 and the dayroom was on the ground floor of 325. Second and third floors were living quarters. Across the street was 310 and 312 Temple that was more barracks. Then around the corner on Wall St going up toward G&H were two more buildings that were ours - 74 and 76, I think. Those plus St Elmo's were all of the living quarters.

Steve Feit, IFEL57


New Haven map with location of 215 Park St. building indicated - photo of Robert Tharp.

The quarters for the AF personnel in my day (and up to that time, as far as I know) was Bingham Hall on the corner of College and Chapel. The adjacent halls were all part of the Freshman Campus (I think to this day…)  I’m not surprised that they eventually were moved out of there. It was the most prime “real estate.” Six of us shared a three room suite (2 beds in each room) on the 3rd floor at the very corner, and we had the only balcony (not big enough to get onto…mostly for decoration) in the building!

I recall that when I returned there to work in the late 50’s that the AF was no longer using Bingham.

Charles (Rick) Richardson, IFEL54