Robert McCoy

Robert E. McCoy, a graduate of the October, 1962 basic Korean class at Yale University's Institute of Far Eastern Languages (IFEL), is a retired U.S. Air Force Korea specialist who spent 14 years living in Asia.  He continues to follow developments in Northeast Asia closely. A long-time writer, Bob was a Viewpoints columnist for a major technical publication and an Opinion writer for a small newspaper. More recently, his work has been in Asia Times, Defense Advisers, Global Asia, the Hankyoreh, Korea Observer, the Guardian, the National Interest, and NK News. His first novel, Tales You Wouldn’t Tell Your Mother, is a fictional memoir that addresses a unique side of American military life in the Korea of years past.

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A VIRTUAL TRIP INTO THE PAST provides nostalgia, interesting trivia and entertainment about the military life in Asia of yore as well as some personal observations about various aspects of culture in the Far East


NEW BOOK - UNDER DEVELOPMENT - a nonfiction book that addresses the issues of modern Asia.  It will be an edited collection of his best articles about the region.