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IFEL 62 Events


Tharp  Book

Publishing Background

IFEL Plaque Dedication
IFEL - the Beginning

YaleNews Press Release

IFEL - Problems

Event Program

IFEL - The Ending

Remarks by Bob Bonds, AYA

Book-signing and IFEL Reunion - 1995

IFEL 2013 Dinner

Memorabilia from Robert Tharp

IFEL 2013 Rose House Welcome

MP3 Audio (slow to load) : Chant of Roving Mendicant (1982 Nov)

IFEL 2013 Plaque Dedication

MP3 Audio (slow to load): The Last RapidFire (1982 Apr) IFEL62 50th Anniversary Celebration at Yale
IFEL Archive - Dept of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Announcement by AYA

Archive Contents (inspired by John Eastman)

Event Program

IFEL Chinese course material 

Photographs from reunion and AYA event

Chinese Instruction 1950-1965 (courtesy James Pauley) IFEL62 Reunion in Las Vegas in 2009
Rapid Fire Review (text) (courtesy Frank Moore) Las Vegas 2009 - 36 Images
BLUE II Session Recordings - with Rapid Fire (courtesy Frank Moore) IFEL62 Reunion in Tyson's VA in 2017
Introdution to IFEL (courtesy Mike Miller)  
Class Schedule (courtesy Bert Thomas) AFROTC Events
IFEL Korean course material (courtesy Ken Gorski)

2013 Annual Joint AF & Navy ROTC Awards Ceremony

IFEL Graduation Programs

2014 Annual Joint AF & Navy ROTC Awards Ceremony

1953 Jul (courtesy James Pauley)

2015 Yale President's Review

1954 Jul (courtesy Al High)

2016 Yale President's Review

1954 Nov (courtesy Al High)

2017 Yale President's Review

1955 Oct (courtesy Chuck Semich)

2018 Yale President's Review

1957 Jul(courtesy John Dankowski)

2019 Yale President's Review

1957 Jul & Sep (courtesy Steve Feit)  
1958 Nov (courtesy Joel Aronson)  
1959 Jan & May (courtesy Bill Kanapaux)  
1959 Jul, Sep, Oct (courtesy Dave Donaldson)
Stuff from the Box in the Closet
1959 Adtnl Jul (courtesy John Stewart)

Encouraging Words of Welcome

1960 Apr (courtesy Jim Bohn)

Various IFEL Orders

1960 Oct (courtesy Doug Brown)

Yale ID Card

1961 Apr (courtesy Florian Simala)

Class Schedule

1961 Oct (courtesy Dave Wagner)

Yale Dining Card - Hopi

1962 Jan (courtesy Chuck Litzinger)

Yale Dining Card - Miller

1962 Apr (courtesy Bert Thomas)

1 Hillhouse Dorm Room

1962 Oct (courtesy Frank Moore)

IFEL Decal

1963 Jan (courtesy Fred Pross)

Yale Graduation Certificates

1963 Jul (courtesy Don Weekley)

USAF Graduation Certificates

1963 Oct (courtesy Les Duffin)

IFEL class photos

1964 Jan (courtesy Doug Brown)

IFEL student photos

1964 Jul (courtesy Donald Kilmark)

IFEL Trip to UN - 1956 (courtesy John Eastman)

1964 Oct (courtesy Matt Murphy)  
1965 Jan (courtesy Earl Stitt) More IFEL / USAFSS Memorabilia
1965 Apr (courtesy Frank Moore)  


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