IFEL Graduation Commencement Programs - by date class began

Mar 1953 Class  Courtesy: George Lein Jul 1953 Class  Courtesy: James Pauley Jul 1954 Class  Courtesy: Al High Nov 1954 Class  Courtesy: Al HIgh
  Oct 1955 Class  Courtesy: Chuck Semich Jul 1957 Class  Courtesy: John Dankowski Jul&Sep 1957 Classes  Courtesy: Steve Feit
  Nov 1958 Class  Courtesy: Joel Aronson 1959 Classes (Partial)  Courtesy: Dave Donaldson Jan 1959 Class (8 month)  Courtesy: Mike Ready
Jan-May 1959 Classes  Courtesy: Bill Kanapaux July 1959 Classes  Courtesy: John Stewart Apr 1960 Class  Courtesy Jim Bohn Oct 1960 Class  Courtesy Doug Brown
Apr 1961 Class  Courtesy: Florian Simala Oct 1961 Class  Courtesy: Dave Wagner Jan 1962 Class  Courtesy Chuck Litzinger Apr 1962 Class  Courtesy Bert Thomas
Oct 1962 Chinese Class  Courtesy: Frank Moore Oct 1962 Korean Class  Courtesy: Eric Shaw Jan 1963 Class  Courtesy: Fred Pross Jul 1963 Class  Courtesy: Don Weekley  
Oct 1963 Class  Courtesy: Les Duffin Jan 1964 Class Courtesy: Doug Brown Jul 1964 Class Courtesy Donald Kilmark Oct 1964 Class Courtesy Matt Murphy
Jan 1965 Class Courtesy Earl Stitt Apr 1965 Class Courtesy Frank Moore    

If your class is not shown and you have a copy of the program, please send it to me as an image or pdf file and I will add it to this page. 

Kevin Riddle