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Robert N Tharp Collection at Oviatt Library

The personal papers of Robert and Eva Tharp are stored in the Robert N. Tharp Collection, 1913-1993 as part of "The Old China Hands" collection of Oviatt Library, California State University at Northridge.  Judie Marks, an estate trustee, has provided this list of contents of the Tharp Collection.

Concerning Robert Tharp's Book They Called Us White Chinese>

Publishing Background By Ed Bohannon
Excerpt - Tharp on IFEL- The Beginning With permission
Excerpt - Tharp on IFEL- Problems With permission
Excerpt - Tharp on IFEL- The Ending With permission
Book-signing and IFEL Reunion - May 13, 1995 Courtesy Fred Gerkens & James Pauley

IFEL Archive - Dept of East Asian Languages and Literatures

Archive Contents (inspired by John Eastman)

IFEL Chinese course material (courtesy James Pauley)

Chinese Instruction 1950-1965

USAF audio comprehension course (Chinese Mandarin)

(courtesy Frank Moore)

BLUE II Session Recordings Including Rapid Fire

(courtesy Ken Gorski)

IFEL Korean course material

Documents and other memorabilia from IFEL classes

**** Missing Men ****
IFEL Graduation Commencement Programs
IFEL Trip to UN - 1956 (Courtesy John Eastman)
Stuff From The Box In The Closet
Introduction to IFEL Rules
(courtesy Mike Miller)
Photos from IFEL Classes
Photos of IFEL Students
MP3 Audio (Slow to load): Chant of Roving Mendicant (1982 Nov)
MP3 Audio (Slow to load): The Last RapidFire (1982 Apr)

More IFEL / USAFSS Memorabilia


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